lululemon athletica (LULU)–02-24-2011

February 24, 2011 at 10:49 pm · Filed Under Bearish, Bullish, Swing Trades 

LULU Weekly Chart

I pointed out LULU last summer as a potential bearish swing trade.  Since then, the stock went from $38 to $85.  Whoops!  At least it was on my watch list for a couple bullish swing trades (although I sadly didn’t make any money on it throughout that whole run somehow).

LULU Daily Chart

I guess I should give DT credit for putting it back on my radar at the last breakout, but it’s really just giving credit to the IBD list for moving it back to #1.  That means volatility one way or another.  $75 was the breakout point for the move, so we’re at an interesting point here that will either be a bounce or a breakdown.  Good for active trading with proper risk management, bad for holding and hoping.  Play accordingly.


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