Anadarko Petroleum Corp (APC) – 11-20-2013

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Can’t forget about the possibilities for a bearish turn.  Oil stocks have been getting a lot of press lately on both sides after Buffett was found to be taking a large stake in XOM, which brought about a lot of noisy bears giving their opposing two cents.  I never take long term shorts, but I do see a nice potential swing play in APC that has broken down below its significant long term support/resistance line at $92.  This and other oil stocks that have similar charts should be interesting if the market falls apart.

Canadian Solar (CSIQ)–03-21-2011

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CSIQ Daily Chart

The other day I briefly mentioned the rampage solar stocks have been on…  most solar stocks that is.  CSIQ has been feeling the pain since coming in below expectations and hasn’t really recovered since.  I’m still inclined to play the bullish side on the hotter stocks, but given a sector crash, it’s always nice to look at the underperformers since they often keep their headstart in on the reversals.

Aeropostale (ARO)–03-21-2011

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ARO Daily Chart

Support turns to resistance and makes a nice short point.  ARO was just on my list since the autotrader had been daytrading it in the recent past, but a lot of the retailers are at this point right now so you can take your pick of whichever you like most.

McDonalds (MCD)–02-28-2011

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MCD Daily Chart

I don’t necessarily love or hate McDonalds, but the chart is nice.  A gap down that’s served as resistance a couple times gives some potential both ways.  If it breaks up over $76, maybe the weak January will start looking like a sloppy double bottom.  If $76 proves to be a ceiling, there’s some nice downside to play.

lululemon athletica (LULU)–02-24-2011

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LULU Weekly Chart

I pointed out LULU last summer as a potential bearish swing trade.  Since then, the stock went from $38 to $85.  Whoops!  At least it was on my watch list for a couple bullish swing trades (although I sadly didn’t make any money on it throughout that whole run somehow).

LULU Daily Chart

I guess I should give DT credit for putting it back on my radar at the last breakout, but it’s really just giving credit to the IBD list for moving it back to #1.  That means volatility one way or another.  $75 was the breakout point for the move, so we’re at an interesting point here that will either be a bounce or a breakdown.  Good for active trading with proper risk management, bad for holding and hoping.  Play accordingly.

Silver (SLV)–01-04-2011

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SLV Weekly Chart

Silver posts obviously always apply to SLV, AGQ, ZSL, and any of the various silver futures.  Gold and silver have been on a rampage lately and have accelerated over the past quarter and a half, as seen on the weekly chart above.  You’d be suicidal to go bearish now, but this could get interesting if it keeps brewing.  Hopefully the bulls will continue to run wild a little longer and we’ll get a nice crash sometime in 2011.

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