Taser (TASR) – 11-19-2013

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When I first started with the IBD stocks a decade ago, TASR was one of the first stocks I bought under O’Neil’s teachings.  It was a wild ride that took me through ups and downs, but in the end it was quite profitable and I can credit its success with prodding me to implement the general growth and momentum principles that I still use as a base system to this day.  Fast forward 10 years and instead of stun guns, Taser is the hot thing again with police forces all getting sued and adding lapel cameras.   An interesting chart and growth make this a definite watch list item.


OpenTable (OPEN) – 11-15-2013

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It’s been a while since I’ve actively looked for stocks since the market has been pretty much straight up for the past year, allowing me to ride the same stocks for an extended period.  There are a lot of interesting things popping up that I haven’t posted about before, so I’ll try refreshing the watch list over the next few weeks since I want to be ready when the current bull run finally ends.  There have been a few signs of weakness and it’s only matter of time before one of the corrections turns into a slightly bigger correction since it’s been about 2 years from the last real down period.

One interesting stock is OPEN, which has been running with the bulls for the entire stretch, but is on a fresh breakout with good volume and earnings to back it.  A pullback to the mid-70s should have some support that will be very playable on a minor correction.  If the market keeps going up, I like the long term prospects of this one too.

Multimedia Games Holding Company (MGAM) – 02-14-2013

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MGAM Daily Chart

MGAM and SHFL were super hot at the end of 2011 with MGAM seeing a bigger rise.  Any time a stock goes up 4x in a short period it’s going to need a breather.  With the breakout point being a little under $17 it’s still a bit overextended, but if the correction continues with low volume there may be a decent entry point. 

SolarWinds Inc (SWI) – 01-18-2013

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SWI Weekly Chart

Remember back in the days when everything solar was shooting up 200%?  SolarWinds hasn’t done too poorly since then.  Maybe it’s because they don’t actually have anything to do with the solar industry aside from the name — they’re actually an IT company.  An IBD stock, SWI obviously has the growth numbers and a nice consolidation over the past year that would make a really nice play if they broke out over $60. 

Air Lease Corp (AL) – 01-18-2013

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AL Daily Chart

With an interesting chart and decent numbers for growth, AL is an interesting stock for short term moves.  A weak volume breakout should be interesting in the coming week.  With earnings at the end of February, I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

3D Systems Corp (DDD) – 01-18-2013

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DDD Weekly Chart

Looking back through my history I was surprised that I never posted about 3D printing before, but I guess it’s because my positions have always been opened by the autotrader on big days.  DDD and SSYS are the big names in a super hot industry.  DDD brought a consumer level 3D printer to market last year and is probably hoping to be as common as an inkjet printer in the future.  SSYS isn’t quite as hot, but in a budding industry it’s hard to pick the eventual winner this early so you want to make sure you’re not too tied down to anything to miss a bigger move by a competitor.  DDD just made a nice move that’s threatening to start a bump and run, so hope for a correction that will give a nice entry point.  Earnings for both companies are coming up next month so stay fluid.

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