Dollar General Corp (DG) – 06-19-2012

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DG Daily Chart

Discount retailers are all hot with the struggling consumer sentiment.  A favorite IBD play is to buy a stock on a pullback to the 50 day SMA when you miss the initial breakout or just want to pyramid up.  Since I’m expecting a downturn soon, that could make DG, DLTR, etc. interesting in the near future.  I favor DG since the volume is nicer and still increasing.

Facebook (FB) – 05-25-2012

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I’ve gotten a lot of questions about FB so I figured I’d get my thoughts up here.  There’s not much point to posting a daily chart for 6 days, and I’m not touching this guy with a 10 foot pole on any trade that needs intraday charts yet.

So what about Facebook the company?  They have a ton of users and a very sticky service.  As hard as Google keeps trying, they just can’t make a dent in the social arena, even though they have technically nice products, because the critical mass required to get people off of Facebook has become so large.  What is FB bad at?  Monetizing all of these users.  For a company with far more demographic info than advertisers know how to deal with, I believe that will eventually come together though.  For now, they are on my favorable company list, along with GOOG, AAPL, AMZN, etc.

How does FB the stock look?  The IPO was a perfect example of why you should never place a market order overnight, especially on an IPO.  With so many retail investors trying to jump on the hot new thing blindly, the price popped at the open to the mid $40 range and marched steadily down to where it appears it may be stabalizing slightly in the low $30 range.  While all the scandals being uncovered aren’t good, if you’ve already read The Accidental Billionaires or watched The Social Network and are still considering buying FB, some additional shadiness from investment bankers probably shouldn’t affect your decision too much.  While this is a good reminder that FB is already a very mature company closer to GOOG 2006 than GOOG 2004, they still have enough potential that they aren’t MSFT yet.  I don’t position trade stocks until they’ve made it through their first quarter earnings call, but I’ll definitely be intrigued if there’s any type of base built and the first quarter looks good.

Texas Roadhouse Inc (TXRH) – 05-01-2012

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TXRH Daily Chart

Earnings were somewhat lukewarm with some mixed news on a settlement, but the stock still had a solid volume breakout.  A large chunk of the early gains were given back today, so this one isn’t too far off the buy point.  I usually play these kinds of things on inside bar breakouts if it looks like it’s going to follow through.

Michael Kors Holdings (KORS) – 05-01-2012

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KORS Daily Chart

Another IBD stock, but this one hasn’t broken out yet.  KORS at $50 looks interesting, but since it just ran up 100%+ at the beginning of the year, I wouldn’t bet on it breaking out of its consolidation phase too soon.  I’ll be interested to see what it can do if/when it does though.

Cirrus Logic, Inc (CRUS) – 05-01-2012

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CRUS Daily Chart

Cirrus Logic on the nice breakout with good volume and a declining volume pullback.  It needs to come back a little further before it’s at a new buy point, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

Coinstar (CSTR) – 04-13-2012

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CSTR Daily Chart

Coinstar is probably something you’ve heard of.  They’re all over the place with their change machines and also their Redbox kiosks.  The breakout has a lot of warning signs — enough that I wouldn’t classify it as a real breakout yet.  Low volume and a high open/low close should apply the brakes, and the general market weakness should knudge your hand over to the parking brake.  You shouldn’t trade against the market, but it’s a positive sign that despite a 1% drop in the market CSTR managed a positive 7% day.  I like this one if the market manages to recover its strength.

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