Liar’s Poker – Michael Lewis

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I just read Liar’s Poker, by Michael Lewis, the author also known for Moneyball.  It’s interesting how a book written 2 decades ago is so relevant to today.  If you don’t know, Michael Lewis worked at Salomon Brothers during the 80’s, and Liar’s Poker is the entertaining tale of his experiences there. 

While the whole book is a good read, the interesting part is the section where he goes over Lewis Ranieri’s rise to fame.  According to wikipedia, Ranieri “is considered the ‘godfather’ of mortgage finance for his role in pioneering securitization and mortgage-backed securities.”  Mortgage-backed securities, as you may well know, are credited by many as one of the leading contributors to the financial meltdown we recently had. 

The book is pretty light, and a good break from things like the Murphy book.  I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something of the sort.  Anyway, I just thought I’d share my reading list a little more often since it’s a question I get asked a lot too.  Feel free to borrow any of the books I talk about if I regularly see you.

Castrated Cramer

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If you know who Jim Cramer is, you probably already know about his appearance on The Daily Show already.  If you missed it though, it’s an entertaining watch.  It’s almost sad to see Cramer so subdued.

The Real Masterminds Behind Wall Street Come Out

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I saw this on The Daily Show the other day and found it amusing…