Stock Market Analysis – 01-18-2013

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S&P 500 Weekly Chart

It’s been a while, but not much has changed since my last update.  The market had a correction at the end of the year on all of the uncertainty, but the main uptrend stayed intact on the weekly chart.  We still have a lot of uncertainty, but it’s a lot closer to average now, e.g. there’s always potential for some major disruption in the Middle East that would cause the market to tank.  Looks like a good time to check up on our positions and swap some of the underperforming ones for something better…

Stock Market Analysis – 08-09-2012

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S&P 500 Daily Chart

The last time I checked in we were at the bottom of the channel.  Now we’re right back up at the top of one of the cleanest trendlines you’ll ever see.  Don’t get too excited though.  A lot of the bullishness is based on the fact that there’s been a lot of bad news lately so people are buying on the hopes of QE3 or some other fed action.  Ironically, buying the rumor in this case is pushing the market up and making it less likely that the fed will actually have to take action.  Even if they do, this might be a case where everyone bought the rumor and is setting up to sell the news.  So while I’m buying what the market gives right now, I’m still cautious and keeping things on a tight leash.  Maybe the end of the summer will be more exciting than I thought.

Stock Market Analysis – 07-24-2012

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S&P 500 Daily Chart

Despite a few rough days, the market still is clinging on to the general midrange consolidation with a slight uptrend.  With AAPL posting “disappointing” results after hours today, there’s a decent chance we may finally break the bottom though.  Sell in May and go away may prove to have been wise advice.  I expect more uncertainty at least through the presidential election, so don’t expect the activity on this blog to pick up any time soon.

Stock Market Analysis – 06-19-2012

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S&P 500 Daily Chart

Hovering around $1340 left us in an ambiguous consolidation state, but there’s a definite short term uptrend now.  With all of the global uncertainty I’m not getting too excited, but my autotrader is getting pretty hopped up on overnight trades now.  With all of the fresh breakouts it’s worthwhile to pay attention to your favorites if you have the discipline to get out quickly, but don’t fall asleep or you’ll get killing in this market.

Stock Market Analysis – 06-08-2012

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S&P 500 Daily Chart

After the big sell off a couple weeks ago, the market roared back and posted its best week of the year.  With the weak volume and European doubt still lingering, I’m looking at this as more of an opportunity to open bearish positions rather than a sign that the market is getting back in accumulation mode.  We’ll soon know if the short term downtrend is reversing since we’re really close to the previous high, and getting over $1340 would establish a higher high.  I’ll probably sit on cash for now and not replace any positions that are getting closed out until we establish a higher low too.  Capital preservation mode in full effect.

Stock Market Analysis – 05-25-2012

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S&P 500 Weekly Chart

After a bit of a freefall, the market paused to catch its breath this past week.  Despite some good signs domestically with positive housing numbers and consumer confidence levels, it looks like the Eurozone will still weigh heavily on investors’ minds.  Ideally, the market will be able to maintain consolidaiton, but I wouldn’t be too surprised to see more heavy distribution, so I’m playing things conservatively right now and not jumping back in to new positions with my free cash yet.  We’re right around the support/resistance level at $1250, but with the gappiness of a news driven market we could easily fall straight through that just like last year.

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