One Liberty Properties (OLP) – 12-10-2013

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REITs are always nice because they can diversify your portfolio with real estate, but still maintain the liquidity of normal stocks.  Of course it is preferable to actually purchase real estate on your own for all of the side benefits that real estate investments offer, but gaining some exposure to different markets without requiring large sums of initial capital or doing any real work is sometimes good too.

OLP got a nice boost today after announcing a dividend increase, but outside of that I don’t necessarily like it a lot more than things like O, NNN, COLE, etc. (although I don’t love any mortgage REITs now).  All of these triple nets could get interesting in the near future if they boost their yields even more by dropping in price or increasing their dividends.  Something to watch for through the beginning of 2014…

Silver (SLV)–01-04-2011

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SLV Weekly Chart

Silver posts obviously always apply to SLV, AGQ, ZSL, and any of the various silver futures.  Gold and silver have been on a rampage lately and have accelerated over the past quarter and a half, as seen on the weekly chart above.  You’d be suicidal to go bearish now, but this could get interesting if it keeps brewing.  Hopefully the bulls will continue to run wild a little longer and we’ll get a nice crash sometime in 2011.

Caterpillar (CAT) – 01-27-2010

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CAT Daily ChartCaterpillar’s outlook basically follows the general economic outlook.  When people think the future looks good and there will be lots of growth, CAT goes up.  When there is a pessimistic view, CAT goes down.  But the reason I’m looking at it today is obvious.  A clean break of support with good volume is always something to keep an eye on.  The hammer (bullish reversal) candlestick pattern isn’t so good for bears though. 

Since CAT seems to be leading the bearish trend of the S&P 500, it looks like a decent short for a general market downturn.  If the market hangs around in distribution, this might be a good range bound play.  And if the market turns bullish, I’d probably ignore this since there are other better options I could consider right now.

Becton, Dickinson and Company (BDX) – 01-06-2010

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BDX Daily ChartBDX has been on my watch list for a really long time – well before I started this blog.  I realized I needed to write about them since they were one of my longer term positions over the past year, but I couldn’t find anything on lamdar about them when I looked them up.  I think I started liking them around the time I got injured a lot and came to know the ACE brand pretty well.  ACE was recently sold to 3M, but BD remains a solid company.

Solid, but not amazing.  You won’t make a ton of money with them, but it moves slow enough that you most likely won’t lose a ton of money overnight either.  I’m not sure I would like BDX so much if I didn’t have a previous affinity for them, but it’s always good to have some comfortable stocks to position trade if your alternative is cash/money market.

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) – 11-13-2009

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JNJ Daily ChartEverybody’s heard of Johnson & Johnson, although they probably make a whole lot of things that you don’t know about.  It’s a pretty slow and boring stock, but in some cases that’s what you’re looking for.  There was a false breakout in October the day before earnings came out, but other than that the channel has been pretty solid over the past few months.  You can play the channel either as a long term low risk entry or as a swing trade (I like vertical spreads in this case).  Or you can also just add it to the watch list and wait for a breakout. 


  • Around $59 – Swing trade or position trade long with close stop
  • Over $62 – Breakout long
  • Under $59 on a general market downturn – Look for new value entry points
  • Under $59 while market is still going up – Consider short

Green Mountain Coffee (GMCR) – 09-30-2009

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GMCR Daily Chart

GMCR has been a super hot topic amongst people talking growth stocks for a while now.  They also had a breakout that’s been holding up over the past few days, but the volume gives a conflicting signal.  I believe this stock is getting overbought and will eat it hard on the correction.  Normally I like to play stocks like this with triggers on both sides, playing the upwards momentum on short term trades of the breakouts, but trying to catch the crash after it starts.  Note that the key to this strategy is catching the crash AFTER it starts since you will get eaten alive trying to trade against momentum this strong.  With the volume dwindling the way it has on this one, I’m guessing the crash is close enough to start paying attention though. 

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