These are links to some sites I use for researching stocks and running screeners. Hopefully they’ll help you too.

  • Yahoo Finance has the best portfolio tracking right now and is the only free site that allows adding a column for real-time ECN quotes on the portfolio. This is probably the most complete site right now, and the first one I go to in the morning.
  • MSN Money has a good screening tool and nice revenue/earnings charts. The screener only works in Internet Explorer though, so if you’re running Firefox make sure you get the IE Tabs extension.
  • Zacks has a fairly good screening tool too. Using different screeners with the same criteria is still helpful because they often times return different stocks.
  • has the most functional charting tools available. They allow you to do a variety of technical analysis screens and have the best charting indicator overlays.
  • BigCharts doesn’t have great TA for their charts, but they do give a couple of numbers that other sites don’t normally give, like P/E charts and short interest charts. They also have decent tables to figure out what industries are doing well.
  • MarketWatch is pretty much your standard stock site. I like the way their news is laid out, since it separates the press releases, but it’s pretty much just more of the same. I would check them out as a portal page for stocks since you might like their articles and layout more than I do.
  • Form 4 Oracle has some insider trading information which some people like to use.
  • Investopedia isn’t a stock research site, but it does have a useful dictionary for looking up any terms you aren’t familiar with.

The following sites are blogs and newsfeeds that I’ll look over when I have the time. Normally I’ll turn to these if nothing new is turning up in the screeners. As with my site, you should always do your own research even if one of these “experts” is really hot on a stock since you have nobody to blame but yourself if you lose money.

  • Blogging Stocks is one of the biggest blogs for stocks. It’s not bad for getting ideas, but there’s too much noise so it’s hard to filter out the good stuff sometimes. It’s also a very commercial site and at times it really shows.
  • Seeking Alpha is another large stock blogging conglomerate. Pretty much everything I said for Blogging Stocks applies to them too.
  • The Big Picture is a great blog for reading up on the current macroeconomic state. Go here for insight into the housing market, inflation, GDP, etc.
  • Trader Mike is a more personal site mainly for day traders (or very short term momentum trades). He has a watch list every morning that’s interesting to checkout, even if you’re not a day trader.
  • Slope of Hope is written by the guy that made the prophet charts site.  He’s a permanent bear so it’s a good read whenever you get too bullish since opposing points of view always help.

There’s also some software that I use for analysis.

  • OptionsOracle is a free options analysis tool.  It’s the best free tool that I’ve seen out there, but a lot of the brokers also offer solid tools that you can get for free, e.g. the Options360 tool from TD Ameritrade.