lululemon athletica (LULU)–02-24-2011

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LULU Weekly Chart

I pointed out LULU last summer as a potential bearish swing trade.  Since then, the stock went from $38 to $85.  Whoops!  At least it was on my watch list for a couple bullish swing trades (although I sadly didn’t make any money on it throughout that whole run somehow).

LULU Daily Chart

I guess I should give DT credit for putting it back on my radar at the last breakout, but it’s really just giving credit to the IBD list for moving it back to #1.  That means volatility one way or another.  $75 was the breakout point for the move, so we’re at an interesting point here that will either be a bounce or a breakdown.  Good for active trading with proper risk management, bad for holding and hoping.  Play accordingly.

Stock Market Analysis – 07-07-2010

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S&P 500 Daily ChartThe strong market  bounce should add some hesitation in opening new short positions, but shouldn’t be forcing an automatic sell.  Holiday weeks make it tough to read volume, so take the action with a grain of salt.  Most of the good shorts are either still below their breakdown points, e.g. MGM, or still priming for a breakdown, e.g. LULU.  That makes this a perfect spot to be with the jobless claims report coming out.

Lululemon Athletica (LULU) – 06-30-2010

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LULU Daily Chart

LULU, home of the milfs.  I never liked them much as a brand, but just like Crocs, they have their niche.  It’s at an interesting point with a lot of potential downside.